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Best Big Game Hunting Crossbow Packages for 2018

By Zack Petersen October 16, 2018

Top Big Game Hunting Crossbow Picks

Big game hunting crossbows are evolving fast, and even starting to beat out the number of new compound bows in recent years. These crossbow packages have every accessory you could want, and most of them come ready to shoot right out of the box. With unparalleled power and accuracy, it’s safe to say that crossbows are changing bowhunting as we know it.

With all of these great features comes a high price tag. To get a nice crossbow setup, you may be spending quite a bit more than on a high-end compound bow. But with that extra money spent, you get many more features and a much more accurate shooting experience, with a ridiculous amount of bolt speed and kinetic energy to put down any big game animal.

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Best Crossbows Comparison

Best Crossbow - Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Package - $2,099.99

This crossbow is ready-to-hunt out of the box and is deadly accurate, hence the name “Sniper.” It’s also got the most power-to-weight ratio (FPS + KE / weight) in this list. With ridiculous arrow speeds up to 430 FPS and delivering kinetic energy up to 164 ft-lbs, is safe to say this crossbow packs a punch. With that kind of power, it's hard to believe it only weighs 7.1 lbs. Built-in riser level, sling mount, and quiver mounting bracket included.

The package also comes with a vortex tactical scope that can be adjusted from 20-200 yards, six 400-gr. arrows and six 100 gr. field points. It has a built-in cocking mechanism with a removable handle. So you really don’t need anything else to start shooting!

Anti-dry fire auto safety and other safety features included.

The Ravin R20 has done well to earn its spot as #1 on this list.


Lightest Crossbow - Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow Package - $1,199.99

This bow is the pinnacle of stealth and maneuverability with it’s Sound Deadening System that eliminates noise and shock through the string, stirrup, and limbs. The exclusive Gen II CRT Limb System is 60% stronger than other standard crossbow limbs, so it has extra reliability and longevity. Air Brakes limb suppressors reduce shock, vibration, and noise to enhance stealth when shooting, making it almost silent to use.

Overall this is a great bow with a surprisingly low price tag considering its features and is by far the lightest on this list at only 5.4 lbs. This makes it super easy to carry around and maneuver. If you’re looking for something easy to carry and pack around, look no further.

Like all of the crossbows on this list, the Micro Suppressor has anti-dry fire auto safety built in, so no worries about shooting it without a bolt.

Ravin R10 Crossbow Package - $1,499.99

Not only does this package have everything you need to get started, but it comes fully assembled and pre-tuned - so it’s good to go right out of the box! R10 features a built-in cocking mechanism, anti-dry fire auto safety and built in sling mounts, so you really don't need anything else to get started. (I really love how little there is to do with these crossbow packages once they arrive!)

This package includes six Ravin arrows, a removable cocking handle, a quiver & mounting bracket, 100 yard illuminated scope, and six 100 grain field points.

This type of crossbow is one of the fastest available anywhere you look (but mid-range for this list). Experienced shooters can hit up to 400 FPS and maintain accuracy with their shot.

Hunting with this bow is a breeze because of its weight. Weighing in at only 6.8 lbs, this will be easy to carry and get around with.

Fastest / Hardest Hitting Crossbow - TenPoint Nitro X Standard Package ACUdraw Pro - $1,999.99

Coming in as the most narrow crossbow on the list at only 6” wide, the Nitro X has the ultimate mobility and maneuverability on the list. This maneuverability comes at no expense to speed, as it still shoots at a blistering 440 FPS. It features Vector Quad cable technology which almost completely eliminates cam lean, making arrows fly as straight and true as possible. ACUdraw crank cocking mechanism makes it easy to draw consistently for better accuracy.

This bow comes with a rangefinding sight and other great accessories including the ACUdraw Pro cocking device, three-arrow instant-detach quiver, pre-installed sound-dampening system and three EVO-X CenterPunch™ carbon bolts with practice points.

Barnett Predator Crossbow Package - $1,299.99

This bow is designed for maximum knockdown power with a 16.25” power stroke and 185-lb draw weight, sending bolts at 430 FPS with 156 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. Weighing in at 7.6 lbs, this crossbow does a lot of damage for its weight.

Package includes 1.5-5x scope, (3) 22" bolts, side-mounted quiver, and rope cocking device. Comes ready to shoot right out of the box.

A great overall crossbow.

Includes Range Finding Scope - TenPoint Stealth NXT Standard Package ACUdraw Pro - $1,599.99

Another TenPoint crossbow coming in at only 6” wide, this bow has unparalleled mobility and maneuverability. Similar to the Nitro X, it launches bolts at 410 FPS. Featuring the Vector Quad cable technology to virtually eliminate cam lean, making arrows fly straight-and-true. Also features ACUdraw crank technology for consistent draws.

Package includes TenPoint RangeMaster Pro scope, ACUdraw Pro cocking device, three-arrow instant-detach quiver, pre-installed sound-dampening system and three EVO-X CenterPunch™ carbon bolts with practice points.

This is the Nitro X’s little brother, weighing less at the expense of velocity and kinetic energy.

Most Accessories - Excalibur Assassin 360 Crossbow Package - $1,599.99

This bow was built to be silent, and noise is the only thing it’s missing. Firing bolts at 360 fps it’s the slowest on this list, but it more than makes up for it with its lack of sound. Featuring a quiet Charger cranking system the draw weight is reduced to just 12 lbs, while still aligning the string perfectly every time. Excalibur recurve technology is one of the easiest to maintain.

Includes a large, easy to access safety, finger guards, and anti-dry-firing system. The package comes with Tact-Zone illuminated scope with 30mm rings, True-Fit stock, sound-deadening system, R.E.D.S. suppressors, air brakes, Charger crank, four-bolt quiver, four Quill bolts with 100-gr. field points and Bigfoot stirrup.

This is the quietest bow on the list, at the expense of velocity and kinetic energy.

Click here for a full list of our crossbow selection!

Remember, at Big Game Bowhunter we guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase and to have the best prices for new hunting products anywhere you look!

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