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Best Bowhunting Trail Cameras

By Zack Petersen October 24, 2018

Best Trail Cams For Bowhunting

Best Trail Camera Comparison

Trail cams are a bowhunters best friend. Early season scouting and planning are huge advantages to those who take the opportunity. Most of the animals aren’t spooked by hunters yet (you’re welcome, rifle and muzzleloader) and you can usually find patterns and take home the trophy you’ve been creeping on all summer.

Best yet, the first three cameras on this list have wireless features, meaning that you don’t have to go into the sacred area where you want to find your trophy opening morning. You can check it remotely and see the action without spreading your smell everywhere and eventually ruining the spot you’ve spent all your time scouting. We’ll also look over very high-quality cameras with ridiculous image quality, and end it with a less expensive camera for those just getting started.

Let’s check them out!

Cuddeback CuddeLink Long Range IR Camera 4 pk.

Cuddeback CuddeLink Long Range IR Camera 4 pk.

These are great cameras to start off this list with because when you buy a set of 4,(and there’s really no reason to buy just one Cuddeback CuddeLink camera - go for the StealthCam or the Spypoint if that’s all you need) you get a great discount, basically buy 3 and get one free!

Price aside though, these are the only wireless cameras on this list that are wireless without a cellular service provider required. No monthly fee, no worries if you’re in an area without service. CuddeLink cameras use their own wireless system to connect to each other, so you can have up to 16 cameras linked together, and check them all in one place. I only see two downsides to this setup.

1. You have to physically go to one of the cameras. From there though, you can check up to 15 others.
2. The cameras have to be close enough together to be able to link, up to 1 mile apart with a clear line of sight, as low as 0.25 miles with dense forest. If neither of those is an issue for you, then I HIGHLY recommend this setup. Start with 4, work your way up!

They have good resolution at 20 MP, 100-foot flash range, and a 0.25 trigger speed to make sure you don’t miss anything! At only $187.50 per camera (bought alone is $250), this is my #1 pick on this list!

Spypoint Link S Verizon CellularTrail Camera

Spypoint Link S Verizon CellularTrail Camera
This camera allows you to check your photos anywhere you have internet access (as long as the camera has LTE service where it’s set up) - so you can check on your beloved trophy before bed every night at home to make sure he’s still hanging around.

If you do have it set up in a good location, this is pretty hard to beat. There are a lot of reasons why one might want this over something like the Cuddeback cameras above. There is a monthly fee to get the LTE service (depends on your carrier), but it’s usually pretty low if you don’t need a ton of data. Can range from $5-$50/month.

For performance, this one only goes up to 12 MP resolution. This is still good quality, but is the lowest on this list and may not be enough depending on what you want. This has the standard 100 ft flash range and an incredibly fast 0.07-second trigger speed. So you won’t be missing anything running past.

Overall, the lighting-fast trigger speed makes up the low resolution for me, and the wireless LTE is an incredible feature. This is the most expensive camera on this list, coming in at $499.99 (plus any monthly fees for the LTE).

Stealth Cam GXW Camera 22 MP 45 IR 1080P HD

Stealth Cam GXW Camera 22 MP 45 IR 1080P HD

I’m a big fan of StealthCam, and this camera is no different. Also featuring LTE service to check your camera anywhere you have service (more on that above in the Spypoint section), StealthCam GXW is one to consider. One of my favorite parts of this camera is the Matrix™ advanced blur reduction enhancement, reducing the number of blurred images that end up getting deleted. StealthCam also has their own app to check photos from, but the reviews aren’t great on it and I’ve experienced mixed results. Hopefully, it will improve soon.

Reviews of StealthCam Remote App

For the specs, this one has a much better resolution (22 MP), but at the cost of trigger speed (0.50 seconds). This comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in a camera. Better quality or less of a delay between pictures. This cam also has 100-foot picture range and will cost you $249.99, plus any LTE monthly fees. This is half of the Spypoint cam, and the biggest difference I see is the trigger speed.

Between the image resolution, custom app, and the anti-blur technology, this is a difficult cam to pass up when it comes to wireless trail cameras.

Stealth Cam G45NGX Pro Camera 22 MP 45 No Glo IR


Stealth Cam GXW Camera 22 MP 45 IR 1080P HD
The last (but not least) on this list is the StealthCam G45NGX Pro. This is pretty similar to the GXW listed above but without the wireless capabilities. The G45NGX (along with GXW) uses 45 no-glow IR emitters to illuminate night images and video without alerting game. Also includes the Matrix™ advanced blur reduction enhancement to reduce low-quality images with moving animals.

This cam has 22 MP resolution with a 0.50-second trigger speed and the option for HD video. Has a password protection option to protect from prying eyes. You can also use GPS to track and locate your trail cam if it’s in a tough area.

The G45NGX is very similar to the GXW but without the LTE option. A great camera, and only costs $144.99 (a little over half its wireless counterpart). Recommended option if you’re on a budget or don’t care to check it wirelessly.


Trail cameras are extremely important to early season scouting and checking key areas during the hunt. Don't go out without yours!

What's your favorite on the list? Any others you'd like to see reviewed? Let us know!

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